(Dispatch Recordings, Critical Recordings, 31 records)


Based in Brussels, Belgium, M-zine is no stranger in the international Drum & Bass scene. Having had releases on labels such as Dispatch Recordings, Critical Recordings, 31 Records. And playing big time parties, such as Star Warz, Rampage, Stealth Bombers, Mentality, he has been cooking his way up, slowly but steadily, in it for the long haul.

Following up last years releases on Dispatch Recordings (DISLTD026), and the killer collab track with DLR –“Still Alive”- on Warm Communications (WARM043), he's currently looking at releasing 2 EP’s for Dispatch Recordings, with more EP’s signed to some big labels, 2017 seemed to be a great year for him. Having released “Prescient” EP with Lifestyle Music earlier this year, and “Diffraction” EP on Dispatch Recordings, he saw his music getting more & more support throughout the board.


M-zine is the alias of Joeri Deyaert.


For all bookings email: River@methodtwentyfour.co.uk