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(Flexout audio, Shogun Audio, Lifestyle Music)


These Leeds-based brothers are perking ears for all the right reasons, carving a recognisable and diverse sound. After the runaway success of the early 2018 hit ‘Colours’ (Lifestyle Music) featuring Charli Brix, it’s no surprise they’ve been featured as one of UKF’s ‘Ones To Watch’.


With a broad back catalogue spanning the likes of Flexout Audio, Shogun Audio, Lifestyle, Technique and Addictive Behaviour and with more high profile releases on the horizon, it can be said that Revaux are on the verge of becoming something big. Making up part of the recently formed Bristol collective 'Rotations' which also features many other artists from our agency. Every release ups their game as their sound develops and evolves, with the commitment to quality being more focussed than ever as they march comfortably into 2019 and beyond…


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