Sound system

Our unique, high quality sound system can currently cater for crowds from 50 to 500, depending on how much of the system is used. Our mid tops have been designed and built by Stable Audio which are aesthetically customised by us. Not only do these speakers sound immaculate, but they also have an unmissable appearance. Our subs are custom designed Storm Audio 6th Order Bandpass Hybrid loaded with 1600w Oberton drivers. If required we can hire in extra subs to cater for crowds of up to 1000 people. 

This point source system can cater for all genres of music; the mid tops have a great enough clarity and throw for crisp vocals for outside as well as inside events. In addition the system can cater for almost every frequency electronic music has to offer with a usable frequency range of 30Hz to 20,000Hz
Contact us for any hire information; we are flexible for all kinds of events  and work with promoters to make sure everything runs smoothly. Our reasonable hire rates make it economical for promoters whilst ensuring the success of an event. 


  • 8 x 6th Order Bandpass Hybrid Subs (1600w AES each)

  • 6 x Stable Audio Custom mid-tops 

  • Usable frequency range 28Hz-20,000Hz

  • MC2 Amplifiers (E45 / E90)

  • Processed with XTA DP226


Each Stable Audio Mid top contains:

- 2 x 15" 500w B&C Neodymium kicks

- 2 x 8" Fane 250w mid rang speakers

- 1 x B&C 60w compression driver